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Thread: Sexual Hypnosis

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    Sexual Hypnosis

    hi, I'm a bisexual a male. Has any of you ever tried self-hypnosis to get aroused? I've tried several and honestly it can be exciting, very exciting. For example, there's a video that hypnotizes you to have a female orgasm..and if you're concentrated enough you'll end up cumming just like a girl( and thinking you're one) ! I mean you can do whatever you want to...all you need is to know how to get hypnotized. So, tell me about anything you've ever tried....

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    Re: Sexual Hypnosis

    My 1st wife was very susceptible to hypnosis. She could achieve an orgasm by self-hypnosis, with no touching, or external stimulation at all. I was never able to provide an orgasm, for myself though.

    She was seduced by an older lady at a young age and there is evidence that the lady had a hypnotic hold on her. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I allowed my wife to visit the lady whenever we vacationed at her home town. She loved the lady and I always heard that one will not do what they won't do normally. So, I didn't resist her visits. She was always in a good mood when she returned.

    There are videos, on several sexually explicit sites, that show males having hands-off orgasms. I don't remember seeing a feminine orgasm posted, however. I am positive that those are examples of self-hypnosis.

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    Re: Sexual Hypnosis

    Used self hypnosis during a visit to a dentist. He needed to cut out a wisdom tooth. As the folly of life has it, local anesthetics were not an option in my case. So, I looked at a picture on his wall.

    Counted from 10-0, was still aware but under enough to not feel the pain. It scared his technician. I never felt anything except the pressure of someone working. He told the technician it was fine, he'd seen other people use hypnosis. She was still a mass of quivering gelatin.

    Figure orgasms as you describe can be achieved. Never really bothered here.




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