For those who havenít been able to try out a bi experience yet, what is the fantasy that plays out in your head when you get off? Hereís one of mine...

I work at an airport. Before CL got rid of its personals, I would look for ads for guys flying into the city (less risk of running into them again). I once got in touch with a pilot which almost got somewhere before he became very rude and it came to a screeching halt. However, he was supposed to be staying at the hotel next to the airport, and once I got off work, I wouldíve made my way over there. Hereís how I hoped it would have played out.

We both wanted anonymity, so the agreed-to plan was to keep the room dark, and weíd both be blindfolded. I open the door, and see the broad yet fit silhouette of a sexy male body lit only by moonlight, and clothed only in skintight boxer briefs laying on the bed. I shut the door and begin stripping to match his level of dress, knowing he left a blindfold near the door for me. I slip it on.

He guides me to the bed by voice, and once there, I sit on the edge, and we make nervous chatter. The talk turns to sexual questioning; ďSo have you done this before?Ē...etc... as his right hand glides to my ass and caresses it, which breaks the ice and eases my nervousness a bit. My left hand finds his inner thigh and slides upward, eventually bumping into his semi-hard cock. My own stirs a bit in my boxer briefs. My breathing is fast, nervous, and excited.

As he describes his past experiences, it makes me hotter and harder. My fingers lightly scratch his inner thigh, curling open and closed, feeling his shaft harden and lengthen against the backside of them, until I canít take it anymore and reach up to feel the full girth of his clothed cock in my hand. He stops mid-sentence with a surprised moan as I roll from sitting to laying between his legs. My hands run up and down his shaft, feeling itís veiny contours and thick head through his briefs.

My nervousness quickly fading, I lower my lusting mouth and plant warm, wet kisses and licks on his erect cock through the fabric. My hand roams the empty space that my mouth isnít, going between rubbing his shaft to caressing his balls, before reaching for his waistband and tugging his boxer briefs down. Even though Iím blindfolded, I can tell that Iím now face to face with a bare cock, and I canít wait to get my first one in my mouth and run my tongue along it.

I lean forward and feel his cock brush my lips. My tongue instantly darts out and envelops its head. His breathing quickens, his moans grow louder, his hands explore my neck, shoulders, and his fingers roam my hair. My right hand pumps his cock as I sloppily slurp and lick away at it, while my left hand explores his upper body... finding his abs, pecs, nipples, neck, lips... his willing tongue takes in my wandering fingers.

Gasping for breath, I pull my lips from his cock and shove myself up, my almost naked body rubbing against his. On the way up, I make a stop at his nipples and get a quick lick before planting my lips against his in a deep, heavy moaning, tongue-swirling french kiss. The fabric from both our blindfolds meets as well. As our tongues dance, he pulls my penis out of my underwear, and our cocks are embraced in a frotting hug surrounded by our frantic, pumping hands.

He broke the kiss, and with a barely audible gasp... ď69ď... I breathlessly reply ďYes!Ē He rolls me over on my back, spins around, rips my boxer briefs the rest of the way off, and takes my rock hard cock into his warm mouth. I pull his member into mouth as well, and swirl my tongue under the head of his cock. I alternate between attempting to get him as deep in my throat as I can, to long licks down his shaft all the way to his balls. I reach one free hand under and tweak his nipples, while slapping his ass with the other. His hands are caressing my balls while his other hand circles my asshole with his finger.

We continue hungrily sucking for several minutes when I start to feel him bucking and his balls tighten. Oh my god, this is so hot! I debate whether I should take him on my face, or in my mouth. I grab his shaft and begin pumping while simultaneously blowing him, deciding that I want to taste it. As Iím doing this, his circling finger enters my ass about two knuckles deep and he rhythmically pumps it in and out, continuing his warm, wet deepthroat of my dick. Holy shit! I pump his shaft faster and suck the head, and when his back makes its final arch, I clamp my mouth around his hose and attempt to catch everything he sprays as he moans loudly around my cock.

His cum shoots into the back of my throat. I move my tongue around in my crowded mouth because I want to taste it. His cum is thick, salty, and plentiful. It escapes the corners of my mouth, running down my cheek. As Iím trying to hold it all in, heís gobbling my cock while pumping it, and pulls his finger from my ass. I immediately shoot ropes of cum into his mouth, and we both collapse onto the bed on our backs, breathing heavily.

Both of us are covered in a glaze of sweat. I roll over, his cum in my mouth, and find his lips. I part them with my tongue to realize that my cum still fills his mouth as well. Our tongues repeat their earlier dance, in fluid this time, while my hand runs over his chest. Cum lazily oozes from our sloppy kiss until itís all gone. We lay in our blindfolds for a bit, chatting as if weíre old friends, until he suggests a shower. I agree we probably need one.

We stumble to the bathroom in the dark. He says we wonít need our blindfolds in here, itís dark enough, with slight lighting from the windowís moonlight. We toss them aside and step in. As he turns the water on, I reach around him from behind, cupping his chest, pulling his body to mine, and kissing his neck. The shower is a good spot for round two...