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    What else should I prepare?

    I'm going to spend Christmas with a handsome guy. I want to set the house very well. I prepared something. For example, beautiful and unique gifts, delicious food. I also bought a strange lights to decorate the room (I bought it on amazon, I buy when he sold $70, yesterday I found that it is just $20, it is on sale.let me in a bad mood). I hope to have a closed relationship with him on Christmas day. What else should I prepare?

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    Re: What else should I prepare?

    You yourself know this guy better than strangers on the internet do. Ask him what his favorite foods are or what sort of music he likes.

    Your profile says you are gay and a male/female couple, and your post is rather odd.

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    Re: What else should I prepare?

    Prepare your romantic side to be with him. Greet with a nice hug and maybe a kiss. I get so excited I go straight for the dick , don't do that. Make the event cozy. Don't sit across from him at the table, sit next to him. Share the couch, chat about topics you like, and gently put your hand on his leg. Be gentle to start and leave the rough stuff for a little later. And by all means, wear something striking for you so you look your best. Get something exciting for the bedroom depending on you position. If you are the bottom, sexy underwear with the back out are good. If you are a top try underwear that makes you look bigger and longer, bikini with high sides are good. Good luck, let me know what happens with details.




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