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  1. Like Herding Cats? - Bisexual Activism in Canada
  2. Taking Both Sides
  3. Let Bygones Be Bi-Gones
  4. Becoming Bisexual: Six On-going Conversations
  5. Bisexual Families
  6. Pride Presence – The Bi Way
  7. Bi God!
  8. BiSex in Sexy Spaces
  9. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend: Challenging Bi-Phobia
  10. We Know You’re Out there Somewhere!: A Handy Guide to Dating in the Bi World
  11. Bisexual in a World With More Than Two Genders
  12. Bi and Poly
  13. The Bisexual Flag - Proudly Pulling My Panties up the Flagpole
  14. Brokeback Mountain: The Sorta Gay Cowboy Movie
  15. THE BI CANON (or What I Learned from My Trip to the Video Store)
  16. Step Right Up for the Sexiest Show on Earth!—Bi and Burlesque
  17. Hell Yes, You Do Exist! Biphobia in the World
  18. The Bisexuals are Coming! (to Toronto for the 9th ICB)
  19. Lani Ka'ahumanu: Bisexual Matron Slut
  20. A Tribute To Our Friend, Dr. Fritz Klein
  21. DIY Threesomes
  22. Bisexual Youth Identity: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Crushes
  23. To Come Out or Not to Come Out as Bisexual?
  24. The Surreal Life: Coming Out with the “B” Word
  25. Pass the Popcorn and the Pleasure: Bisexual Pornographic Films
  26. Pushing Ice Cream Through a Brick Wall: The Search for Bi-Competent Health Care
  27. For Better or for Worse, in Straightness and in....Otherwise…When One of You is Bi
  28. What's With All These Kinky, Pagan Bisexuals?
  29. Unstoppable and Always Learning: Robyn Ochs
  30. I Am No Longer Hot
  31. "Gay Straight or Lying? Bisexuality Revisited," Revisited - Part 1
  32. "Gay Straight or Lying? Bisexuality Revisited," Revisited - Part 2
  33. Bisexual.com's Interview with Angie Bowie